豉汁排骨煲仔饭Claypot Rice with mini ribs in black bean sauce

         Claypot Rice



Ching Bu Liang Chinese Herbal Broth

High Nutritive Broth


自制菜肉锅贴Homemade minced pork vegetables fried dumplings

  Homemade Snacks


麻油海蜇分蹄Jellyfish and Pork Slices in Sesame Oil

    Sichuan Cold Dish







Bobo Express dishes are based encouraging a healthy diet, where clay pot rice and broth are the main ingredients.

Bobo Express truly understands what a  healthy diet achievements are, that is why we successfully deliver hot food at “express” time for both students and office workers in the area. Clay pot Rice is the main dish which comes with a variety of meat choices on top of the rice, oil free, and less amount of salt and MSG than in usual cooking techniques.  A portion of Clay pot Rice only needs 10 minutes for cooking. Complementary to delicious clay pot rice comes the sauce poured on top and delivers a sizzling sound. The real delicacy is however the golden, crispy layer which is formed at the base during cooking, which is consider a cooking treasure in Chinese gastronomy.

Nowadays, an increasing amount of people is busier than ever works or study and forget about vitamins and healthy diet, which should be part of our everyday nutrition. Bobo Express specializes in bringing nutritive broth and herbals together in every delicious portion of soup cooked freshly. The broth mixture of herbals has detox characteristics as well helping eliminate the unnecessary toxins accumulated on a daily basis.  Every single broth is in the steamer for at least 4 hours, in order for the herbs and meat to combine their strong tastes and create an absolutely delicious eating experience. We do not use salt, MSG or any other seasonings for the soup and the taste is strictly from the meat and herbs. This broth looks similar with soup texture, however the cooking process, the vitamins and the nutrition value is totally different from the common soup found anywhere else.

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